POSITION TITLE: General Manager

RESPONSIBLE TO: Property Manager & Board of Directors

PRIMARY DUTY: The General Manager’s main focus is the overall care of the property; oversight of the day-to-day business of the association in accordance with the association’s governing documents, policies, and management plan.

SUPERVISION: The General Manager reports primarily to the Property Manager for the general administration of the Condominium, and ultimately to the Board of Directors.


  • A minimum of five years experience as a General Manager or portfolio manager in condominium association planning, operation and management. Successful completion of requirements and attainment of professional designations of one or more of the following, CMCA, ARM, PCAM, CPM as prescribed by the Institute of Real Estate Management or the Community Association Institute.
  • A minimum of a four-year college degree is required.
  • Excellent organizational techniques and the ability to coordinate a wide variety of activities and projects.
  • Proficiency in all software utilized by the Association.
  • Well-developed skills in communicating with membership, staff persons, and community volunteers, including the Board of Directors.



  1. Inspect a portion of the community each day and provide direction to staff or contractors to address any conditions in need of immediate address.
  2. On a weekly basis, personally inspect all building interiors, building exteriors, grounds and amenities; produce a written report listing conditions, actions required and assignments.
  3. Generate work orders for on site staff, contact vendors as necessary, or draft RFP’s for larger projects that will cure the deficiencies realized from the inspections.
  4. Provide follow-up supervision to assure corrective action is taken when deficiencies are noted.
  5. Provide copies of inspection reports with status of items noted for inclusion in monthly management report.
  6. Follow up as directed and as required on all action items noted in property manager’s inspections.


  1. Maintain association files including, but not necessarily limited to, copies of all contracts, invoices processed, reports, correspondence, notices, schedules, meting minutes, monthly financial reports, management reports, governing documents, budgets, audits, and other documents as needed in a safe file at the site office.
  2. Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors.
  3. Attend other committee meetings or other community events as may be necessary from time to time as directed by the property manager and Board of Directors.
  4. Assist in the development and review of Five Year Capital Expenditure Plan.
  5. Assure the prompt payment of all invoices by coordinating this function with vendors, on site staff, the property manager and the managing agent’s Accounts Receivable Department. Invoices are to be coded to proper general ledger account, approved for payment after verification of delivered goods and services, and forwarded to the managing agent at least twice weekly.
  6. Administrate Covenants violation program and provide periodic review and recommendation of program as may be required from time to time.
  7. Assist in the creation of the Association master calendar of events each year and facilitate completion of items per plan as assigned.
  8. Provide support, input and recommendations during the association’s annual budget adoption process.
  9. Maintain petty cash and all necessary documentation and reconciliations.
  10. Assume responsibility for purchasing all supplies, materials, and equipment within the prescribed limits as set by the board and managing agent, currently $500 without property manager concurrence, and between $501 and $1,000 with property manager concurrence.
  11. Maintain inventory control program for all supplies and equipment.
  12. Facilitate the transcription and drafting of Board meeting minutes.


  1. Respond to all homeowner complaints regarding facility related or other problems and expedite accordingly. Back up/confirm verbal communications as possible in writing.
  2. Maintain voice mail and phone logs to document such communications.
  3. Prepare first draft of sections of the monthly management report for review by the property manager on a schedule as directed by the property manager.
  4. Make sure all phone calls are returned within 24 hours with acknowledgment of call at a minimum, and reply to all emails within same business day.


  1. Schedule or cause to be scheduled contracted services as required in accordance with approved service contracts and to handle repairs as may be required.
  2. Verify quality of services and completion of work by contractors, monitoring work while in process and performing final inspection.
  3. Develop and distribute RFP’s as appropriate per contracting policy and as directed for the property manger to review and facilitate bidding process including receipt of bids and recommendation for property manager review.
  4. Assist in contract negotiations as directed.
  5. Verify arrangements and understandings with contractors in writing whenever possible.
  6. Provide day-to day supervision of major capital projects to verify progress according to plan, communicate proactively with affected unit owners and residents as needed, coordinate with other site staff as needed, and report conditions as needed as they arise with property manager.
  7. Review and audit all service contracts annually per annual calendar schedule.


  1. Participate in the hiring process for association staff including performing interviews, facilitating completion of all paperwork, completing reference calls, and making recommendation to the property manager for new hires per budget and plan.
  2. Orient and train, or cause to be trained, all association personnel.
  3. Establish and monitor daily work schedules in accordance with association’s annual calendar, preventive maintenance schedules, and current task lists from Board meetings, open work orders, and as directed by the property manager.
  4. Monitor performance of all staff, verifying quality of work performed and completion of tasks assigned.
  5. Verify accuracy of employee time records and facilitate transmittal of payroll data to managing agent as directed by managing agent including work hours and leave.
  6. Prepare annual performance evaluations for association staff for review with property manager and Board of Directors. Provide recommendations for salary increases and bonuses where appropriate.
  7. Document any incidents of staff violating policies and administrate progressive disciplinary action after concurrence with property manager, and Board of Directors as necessary.
  8. Assist in the establishment of a personnel policy manual and administration of personnel per plan once approved.


  1. Responsible for first call emergency response 24/7.
  2. Assist and support association committees.
  3. Provide documents to update resale disclosure packages to managing agents as needed.
  4. Responsibilities include other tasks as may be assigned from time to time.

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